Many react on Els Borst murder arrest

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The news that Bart van U. (38), who was arrested in connection with the murder of his sister Lois, is also connected with the murder of former Health Minister Els Borst, has caused quite a stir. The hashtag #ElsBorst is trending on Twitter in the Netherlands.

"Let this DNA match be the breakthrough we have always been waiting for. And I especially hope it helps the family and other loved ones of Els in the process of grief." Alexander Pechtold said on the D66 website in reaction to the news. "The absence of Els will continue, but that the perpetrator of this heinous murder is possibly in custody, does right to the sense of justice that lives in a lot of people in the Netherlands. My respect and appreciation go out to the detectives and police officers who with an unwavering commitment continue searching for the solution."

"Beautiful finale in the case of Els Borst... Yet another blessing of advancing DNA technology." Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries wrote on twitter. In another tweet he writes that this is not the same man that he received a tip about from a secret keeper earlier. "DNA "accuses", but sometimes excludes too."