Nat'l Reading Day kicks off; fathers the focus this year

The 12th edition of the National Reading Day kicks off today. In schools across the Netherlands today began with the National Reading Breakfast. For this coming week elementary schools will read more to promote reading among children.

This year extra attention will be paid to fathers during the Reading Days, as research has shown that fathers usually read a lot lees than mothers. Some famous fathers will participate in the Reading days. This morning Bastiaan Ragas will read to the children of a primary school in Bloemendaal during breakfast. Beau van Erven Dorens, Eric Corton and Leo Blkhuis will also do readings at schools in Amsterdam.

Princess Laurentien will read from Boer Boris gaat na zee, written by Ted van Lieshout and illustrated by Philip Hopman, in the library in Hoorn. This book was voted Picture Book of the Year 2015.

The National Reading Days are an initiative of Stichting Lezen (Reading Foundation), and is organized by the Foundation for Collective Promotion of the Dutch Book.


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