Labour to push further gas extraction cuts

Labour party PvdA has agreed to the proposal of Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, to reduce gas extraction in Groningen by seven percent. The party however wants new scenarios for the future that take the possible further gas reductions in to account. 

The gas extraction should be further reduced when it comes to the safety of the people in Groningen, says PvdA MP Jan Vos to BNR.

"PvdA will ask Minister Kamp to develop new scenarios that involve further reductions of the gas extraction when it is necessary for safety," Vos states.

Vos was visiting residents of the earthquake zone in Groningen with a group of MPs to inquire about damage from earthquakes caused by natural gas extraction. The group met residents from Winsum, Usquert and Rottum. They also received a petition from the residents who want the gas extraction reduced by more than the proposed seven percent.

The government announced a further limit on the Groningen gas extraction in December. The area can draw 39.5 billion cubic meters of gas this year from the ground.