"Integrity" top reason for alderman resignations

Last year 27 aldermen prematurely resigned due to political reasons. A third of them did so because of integrity problems, such as the appearance of conflict of interest or unethical actions. That is more than in previous years.

This is evident from the annual Alderman Analysis of the journal Binnenlands Bestuur. It is notable that in 2013 79 aldermen resigned due to political reasons. Of these only 6 was due to integrity problems.

The results of the analysis also shows that fewer aldermen left after the 2014 elections. After last year's elections 16 aldermen resigned, in 2010 there were 28 and in 2006 there were 33. According to Binnenlands Bestuur, this is because fewer coalitions fell after the 2014 elections. After the elections in 2010 eight coalitions fell. Last year there were only two - in Culemborg and Leidschendam-Voorburg.

According to the research, the cause for the peace in the coalitions is due to the fact that the coalitions that were formed last year were broader than those of 2010. In addition the coalitions were busy with the transfer of care responsibilities from the central government to the municipalities.