Impressive video of starlings flying in formation over Utrecht

A flock of starlings (David Anstiss/Wikimedia Commons). (A flock of starlings (David Anstiss/Wikimedia Commons))

Filmmaker Roald van Stijn has finally managed to capture a swarm of "dancing" starlings flying over Utrecht on Wednesday, according to de Volkskrant.

Van Stijn says he has a bucket list of natural phenomena he wants to capture, and the success with the starlings makes a dent in that list. "I tried to capture them several times, but each time it failed," he told the newspaper.

"They flew too low. A building was in the background. Yesterday was the first time my view was perfect," said the filmmaker.

The birds only start to dance when a bird of prey flies through their flock, making the phenomenon difficult to capture.

The birds were spotted flying over Utrecht districts Kanaleneiland and Rivierenbuurt. Van Stijn managed to catch the dance on film from the roof of the freelancers' business premises Fight Club XL in Kanaleneiland. After over half an hour, he made the final images, depicting an estimated fifty thousand starlings.