"Measures have been taken" to prevent terrorism: PM Rutte

Rutte Hebdo
Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaking after a Cabinet meeting. Jan. 9, 2015 (photo: Rijksoverheid)Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaking after a Cabinet meeting. Jan. 9, 2015 (photo: Rijksoverheid)

Prime Minister Mark Rutte tried to allay fears that the Netherlands is not prepared to deal with domestic terrorism following a meeting of the Dutch Cabinet on Friday. “While we cannot guarantee that no attacks will take place, the police, security offices and the [National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism] have done everything reasonable to prevent this,” he said at a press conference.

“Measures have been taken,” he continued. “Partly visible, also partly invisible, but for everyone it remains important to stay alert.”

The Prime Minister was speaking in reference to a series of crimes and domestic terror attacks in France that began with a shooting at the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper based in Paris.

He called the shooting “an attack on journalists and on freedom of expression, but also on our fundamental values: Freedom, security and tolerance.”

He said it is important not to let major crimes tear away at the fabric of society despite increasing tensions and strained emotions. “Together, we stand for our constitutional democracy and our way of life.”

The Prime Minister also reiterated his sentiment that the Netherlands "stands shoulder-to-shoulder" with France, as allies fighting the same cause.