Dozens injured by fireworks this year

Dozens of people were injured by fireworks over New Year's. 

The burn center of the Martini Hospital in Groningen treated 10 people who were injured while shooting carbide on New Year's eve. According to a spokesperson, this is a "strikingly high" number of injuries. A total of 15 people were admitted with burns. They come from Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland.

The Burn Center of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk also had a busy night. There they treated 10 people with firework injuries. One patient was seriously injured in his face, another had to had a hand amputated. The Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam treated 16 fireworks victim, 6 of them were between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. The Eye Hospital in Rotterdam treated 10 people with firework injuries.

A 4 year old girl was injured by a flying firework in Nieuwkoop, Zuid-Holland on New Year's Eve. The girl was taken to the hospital. The UMC in Groningen treated a 14 year old boy who lost his hand. A nitrate bomb exploded while he was holding it.

A 27 year old man was seriously injured in Rotterdam when he caught fire while trying to light a firework. A 13 year old, also from Rotterdam, lost several fingertips when a firework went off in his hand. The same happened to a 49 year old man from Vlaardingen, he also lost some fingertips.


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