Coastal bonfire breaks world record

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The bonfire in Scheveningen, The Hague has broken a world record. The pallet stack of 15 by 15 meters on the beach at Duindorp went into the record books as "biggest bonfire in the world". An employee of the Guinness Book of Records confirmed this.

According to the organization, the woodpile on the beach was 4,000 cubic meters in size. That involved 30 thousand pallets, said a spokesperson on Thursday. The old record stood since 2007 and was about 1,700 cubic meters.

There are two bonfires in Scheveningen every New Year's. Scheveningen-town traditionally builds a bonfire north of the harbor on the North Beach. Duindorp builds a bonfire on the South Beach. They compete for the highest and most beautiful fire in The Hague.

On Saturday it was announced that the Scheveningen bonfire on the North Beach is now a national heritage.