One final search in Panama for missing girls' remains

Next month the authorities in Panama will make one final attempt to find the remains of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. Justice in Panama announced this to the relatives of the two Amersfoort women, RTV Utrecht reports.

At the request of the missing girls' families, investigators will search the jungle again between January 12th and 16th. The investigators include a forensic anthropologist, a DNA specialist, a criminologist and four dogs, among others.

The two women of 22 and 21 years old disappeared in the jungle near the village of Boquete in April. A few months later some of their possessions and skeletal remains were found. It is still unclear what happened to them.

A spokesperson for the Froon family told RTV Utrecht that they wholeheartedly support this final search. "It is good that all tracks are checked one last time to gather as much information as possible."