Defense to pay for PTSD assist dogs

The Ministry of Defense will help pay the cost of service dogs for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Hulphond Nederland (Service Dog Netherlands) have been assisting veterans for years. In 2012 they placed the first service dog with a veteran with PTSD. They also participated in a Defense investigation into the use and effects of service dogs on veterans suffering with PTSD.

The assistance dogs can recognize, among other things, the first symptoms of a nightmare and give warning. They can help their owners avoid stressful situations and help them feel safe and secure. According to the foundation, the dogs help veterans better recover from their trauma.

"It was an honor to present the first veteran dog in the Netherlands to a veteran with PTSD", said Peter van Uhm. The former commander of the Dutch armed forces is an ambassador for the foundation. "Since then I have seen the positive effects of theses special dogs with several veterans and their families. I thank the Minister of Defense for her commitment so that together with Hulphon Nederland we we can help more veterans"