Utrecht shooting victim driving borrowed car

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The 44 year old man for Zeist who was murdered on Duurstedelaan in Utrecht on Friday, was not in his own car. The car is registered to a woman who was born in 1978. She knew the man, but according to a family member, does not know what led to the shooting.

According to police spokesperson Bernard Jens, the police are still at the start of the investigation and still have many questions. The victim does appear in the police's databases, but not for any serious crimes. A connection to the Amsterdam gang war has as of yet not been discovered.

According to Jens, the police are still looking for the man who waled his two or three small dogs nearby around the time of the shooting. The approximately 60 year old man has still not come forward, despite several appeals from the police. The shooter/s getaway vehicle has not yet been recovered.