New lead in politician Borst's unsolved murder

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The police have received an important tip about the murder of former minister Els Borst. Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries received information about someone with a duty of confidentiality, who can not talk to the police him-/herself. De Vries gave the tip to the police.

The police are investigating the tip but denies having reached a breakthrough. More than ten detectives are still working on the case daily, a spokesperson for the investigation team said. The lead theory in Borst's murder thus far is that a psychiatric patient in a mental health institute was involved.

"It is a tip i got from a secret holder. That is someone who therefore did not want to report to the police, but wanted to tell me the whole story", De Vries said on Nieuwsuur. A secret holder is someone who is obliged to secrecy because of his/her profession, such as a doctor, lawyer or psychologist. De Vries told the tale to the police with the permission of the secret holder.

The detectives takes the information very seriously. "If you look at what we are now investigating, and the possibilities that we have, I have a good feeling about the outcome of this case", said chief detective Henk Bril on Nieuwsuur. He is leading the investigation.

Former Minister Els Borst was killed in the garage of her home on Ruysdaellaan on Saturday, February 8th. Her body was found by a friend on Monday, February 10th. The police did not disclose how Borst was killed, only that she was a victim of a crime. Her home was not broken into.

The police brought attention to Borst's murder several times on Opsporing Verzocht. On the program detectives announces that they are looking for a man who visited the former minister's house shortly before her death with a confused story.