Hague readies 1,000 new electric car charging points

A thousand new charging points for electric cars will be built in The Hague to stimulate electric driving. In recent years the number of people opting for such environmentally friendly cars in has increased seven-fold. There are currently about 1,500 electric cars in The Hague.

"The growth of electric transport is much larger than expected, daily new applications for charging stations come into the municipality." said alderman Tom de Bruijn (D66) of Traffic and the Environment. "And that is good news in several ways: electric cars are clean, make no noise and boost the economy."

The first charging stations were installed in 2012. There are currently about 300 in the city. The municipality wants to create a profitable network of public charging stations in the coming years. This means installing charging points at some 1 thousand locations throughout the city. This involves about 600 public spaces, 8 fast charging points and another 350 charging points in car parks, P&R sites and parking garages.