Police desperate in search for missing Norwegian man

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The police are looking for the 21 year old Tore Grodem from Norway, who went missing in Amsterdam. He has been missing since about 02:00 a.m. Friday morning, December 19th. Grodem was visiting Amsterdam with a good friend. On December 19th, at about 02:00 a.m, Grodem and his friend was at the nightclub the Escape in Amsterdam's city center. Grodem went outside to draw money and disappeared. He would have returned to Norway yesterday. Grodem is a Caucasian man with dark blond hair and blue eyes. He is 182 cm tall and wears a hearing aid in left ear. On the day of his disappearance he was wearing a light blue shirt with long sleeves, dark jeans and dark blue shoes with whit soles of the brand La Costa. He has two tattoos on his right leg - two dice on the inside of his right ankle and a gorilla face with a hat on his right calf.

Grodem has no other relatives in the Netherlands. His mobile number is unavailable. His parents arrived in the Netherlands on Saturday to help look for their son. The police would like to make contact with anyone with any information regarding Grodem's whereabouts.