Famed kitchen store puts €55,000 three-knife set on market

Famed Rotterdam cooking shop Kookpunt listed a knife set on their website for the home chef that has everything: a €55,000 three-piece Nesmuk Cyclone knife set and knife block. The knives are forged over several days, with the manufacturer calling them as much a work of art as the work of a craftsman.

Helping to boost the price of the item is the base, made from eleven kilograms of solid silver, combined with a West African black ebony to create a design that matches that of the knives. The entire process takes about two weeks for every set to be manufactured, the German knife firm Nesmuk states on their website.

Kookpunt owner Ton van der Kolk says he knows the set is not likely to fly off the shelf. “Yes, it is absurd and unrealistic, but also so nice,” he told AD.nl.

The knife set is on display during the store’s opening hours, and locked in a vault after closing time. Though the s is on loan from the Klingenmuseum, a knife museum in Solingen, Germany, it may be sold if an interested buyer comes along.

It will be displayed through the end of the year