Defense toxic paint complaints rise to 1250

About 1,250 (former) employees of defense have reported at a special reporting point for people who worked with the carcinogenic chromium paint. More than 350 of them have medical problems ranging from fatigue and high blood pressure to various forms of cancer. 

This is according to a letter that Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert sent to the Second Chamber regarding the problems with the chromium paint.

In the letter Hennis again states that a provisional compensation will be given to people who worked with the chromium paint and are struggling with complaints. This is necessary because the RIVM investigation on the issue will take years. According to the minister, this compensation does not mean that the ministry admits liability.

"I make this arrangement from my responsibility as a good employer. It is therefore no admission of liability. For that we await the results of the RIVM investigation." the letter reads. "The arrangement is intended to quickly offer (former) employees who are currently in a dire situation, with working with chromium paint as probable cause, support and financial assistance to alleviate the consequences."

Hennis has appointed the Groningen acting mayor Vreeman as chairman of the committee that will guide the investigation.