Louis van Gaal named Coach of the Year

Louis van Gaal was named Coach of the Year 2014 during the NOS/NOS*NSF Sports Gala. The former coach of the Dutch football team last summer led Oranje to third place at the World Cup in Brazil.

He received the award with mixed feelings. "I stand here with an ambivalent feeling because we with Oranje haven't actually won anything." said Van Gaal. "We finished third while there are so many Olympic and world champions. Maybe I owe this award to the media." Van Gaal is known for his not-so-great relationship with the press.

"Friend and foe agree that the unexpected bronze medal of Oranje at the World Cup is largely due to Louis van Gaal. In all facets of coaching Van Gaal shows himself to be a master", reads the comments of the jury. "He manages to physically, tactically and mentally prepare his men so that many reach far beyond themselves. One of the highlights from the work of the coach is the successful goalkeeper exchange before the penalty shootout against Costa Rica."

The 63 year old Van Gaal, now employed by Manchester United, was nominated along  with Max Caldas (women's hockey), Bart Bennema (athletics), Rob Ehrens (show jumpers) and skate trainers Gerard Kemkers and Jac Orie. The Coach of the Year title was created in 2002. Since then it has been won by a football coach six times.

Oranje later also won Team of the Year. Captain Robin van Persie accepted the award.