Albert Heijn starts selling misshapen fruit

Albert Heijn supermarkets are selling deformed fruits and vegetables at a quarter of the standard selling price. The company is doing this in an attempt to reduce excessive food wastage, reports business news website Z24. 

An estimated 89 million tons of food, particularly less attractive fruits and vegetables, are discarded each year in Europe, according to a study by Dutch and Swedish authorities released this past May.

Supermarkets have a very strict selection process on fresh foods sold in their stores, thus, pale apples, skewed cucumbers and bulging potatoes are rejected and discarded.

Rivals Jumbo and Ekoplaza have been selling the misshapen fruits and vegetables, and Albert Heijn has decided that it is time to follow suit.

People realize the appearance of organic fruit and vegetables has become less important, a spokesman for Albert Heijn said. The misshapen fruit and vegetables can be ordered from their website at a discounted price from Wednesday, December 16.