Onno Hoes not pressured to resign: VVD

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The faction leader of the VVD in Maastricht is saddened by Onno Hoes's departure, but he understands the decision. In the NOS Radio 1 Journaal, Michel Severijns said that Hoes made the decision to leave himself. "He was not put under pressure by the municipality"

According to Severijns, this was breach of the mayor's privacy. "The VVD finds that very reprehensible." He refers to the images PopNews showed of Hoes during a date. "The action of PopNews serves no purpose other than to professionally damage him."

The PvdA in Maastricht thinks that mayor Onno Hoes' resignation was not necessary. "As for the PvdA, the decision was not necessary under the circumstances." The PvdA said in a statement. The PvdA believes that Hoes' private life was brought into the public eye in a scandalous and unacceptable manner. "Directors are outlawed in this way and that puts our democracy under pressure. The PvdA in Maastricht is are emphatically distancing ourselves from such practices", the statement says.