Luana Luz Xavier a "hard worker" not a criminal: sisters

The two sisters of Luana Luz Xavier, who was murdered on Monday in Amstelveen, are shocked that she is being portrayed as a criminal.

Through lawyer Mark Teurlings, the two sisters today announced that Luana was definitely not a gangster and did not take part in the criminal activities that would have led to her death. "Luana was a hard worker who was always busy with her three children."

According to both sisters, Luana's relationship with Najib "Ziggy" H. was on its end. "Luana had not heard from him in months." They say that Luana had nothing to do with his criminal activities. He did not even make contact after Luana's death on Monday.

The sisters are certain that Luana had nothing to do with a failed assassination attempt in Almere last month. "Nothing is right about that story. If Luana had something to do with it, and she thought that she put herself in danger, then she would have been in hiding. She just did her work and led her life as she always did."

It is also not true that criminal Gwenette Martha, who was assassinated in May, had interests in Luana and her sisters' clothing store. "That shop was her dream. We invested in it together, no one else."