Netflix has 700k Dutch subscribers

The video-streaming service Netflix has over 700,000 paying subscribers in the Netherlands, and estimates that before the end of the year it will have attained over 17 million subscribers outside the US, reports Digital TV Research.

If accurate, the numbers are substantially lower than the one million people estimated to be using Netflix this past April. The streaming video service was made available to the Dutch public in September last year, and has since gained a significant traction in the Netherlands.

The service has a significantly larger following in the Netherlands than in Germany, Belgium and France, who respectively has an estimated following of 125,000, 30,000 and 100,000 followers, Digital TV Research said. However, Netflix has only been made available to the aforementioned countries since September this year.

Netflix has attained over  2.8 million subscribers in England, and an estimated 2 million in Scandinavia.