Monster Truck driver lawyer's furious over broadcast

Oude Breuil, the attorney for the monster truck driver who crashed into a crowd of people months ago, is livid over the investigative report broadcast concerning his client, Mario D., that was broadcast Thursday night.

The Monster-truck driver, Mario D. has been making headlines since September following an accident that claimed the lives of three spectators. The television show, Brandpunt Reporter, broadcast a story on Thursday evening about a another incident in Asten four years ago, when an alleged drag race gone wrong severely injured a woman in the crowd. Mario D., said to be one of the race drivers, lost control of his vehicle and careened into the crowd, the broadcast showed.

The show also claimed Mario D. held no liability insurance should one of his stunts go awry.

The driver's lawyer responded today, maintaining the television show is suggestive, manipulative and has malicious intent of casting his client in a negative light. "It was not possible for my client to obtain Liability Insurance" explains Oude Breuil, "it was the event manager's responsibility to obtain Event Insurance, not the responsibility of my client".

Oude Breuil also claims that the "accident in Asten never happened". He has accused the broadcast of false reporting and claims the television show irresponsibly relied on one source only, without investigating the legitimacy thereof. "The media has wrongfully labelled my client as a wreckless stuntdriver and recidivist" says the lawyer, "this has irrevocably damaged my client's reputation".