Mistaken early release led to murder

The mental health institution Reinier van Arkel in Den Bosch mistakenly released a crazed man who committed a murder almost immediately after his release. The institution today announced the conclusions of an investigation that was sent to the Healthcare Inspectorate.

The disturbed suspect ended up in the police station in Den Bosch on September 4th because he had freaked out on his foster parents in Boxtel. The police had to overpower him with pepper spray. As the man was disturbed, a psychiatrist from a mental health institution had to assess whether he was dangerous. The psychiatrist was not consulted. And information that is necessary for a proper assessment was not used, today's statement says.

The man was released because the crisis service ruled that there was no danger. Presumably not much later, and close to the police station, he killed the 71 year old Lowie van Lent.

The suspect was arrested again on the morning of September 5th. The suspect was driving down the A2 near Boxtel at a very low speed, without using his lights. He refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over and the police drove him into the guardrail. The suspect threatened the officers with an iron rod. The police only managed to get the man out of the car after they had cuffed his hands and feet.

The institution gave the employee of the crisis service an official warning. Reinier van Arkel has announced that a plan has been put in place for the crisis service to avoid this kind of incident happening again.