Mechanic forced to fix car at gunpoint

With little more than bare hands and determination a master mechanic saves the life of another old car. A small sticker on the dash in the shape of a stop sign warns a would be thief that this vehicle is protected by Alto Sentinel.. (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/United States Department of Agriculture )

On Thursday morning the police arrested a 27 year old resident of Calaislaan in Eindoven for threatening a mechanic with a firearm or similar object.

The suspect enlisted the help of a company, which then sent the mechanic to his home. When the mechanic got to the house at about 09:00 a.m., the suspect forced him to work at gunpoint.

The mechanic managed to call the police when he had to walk to his car to pick up material. When the mechanic left the house again a little later, to get something out of his car, the police arrested the suspect in his house.