Coalition would lose Senate majority if election held today

If the elections were held today, the coalition of the VVD and PvdA would lose the majority in the Senate. This is according to a survey done by EenVandaag.

Compared to last month, the coalition lost 8 seats. The PvdA went from 14 seats to 11 and the VVD from 28 to 23.

The cause of this can be linked to the hassle caused recently by both these parties - the PvdA expelling two of its Parliament Members, and in the VVD all the fuss around State Secretary Eric Wiebes about the additional tax for lease cars and holiday pay. The European Commission's unexpected  additional tax has also left the coalition parties rather unpopular.

The Netherlands currently has 5 parties with virtually the same number of seats. The PVV has 26 seats, the D66 has 24, The VVD with 23, the SP with 21 and the CDP with 20 seats.

The SP is attracting many of the former PvdA voters, but are also losing a lot of voters.

This survey was done between Friday, November 21st, and Monday, November 24th. 2,392 people participated in the survey.