Endangered species amongst 50 frozen animals seized from home

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The police have found a large number of stuffed and frozen animals in the home of a 63 year old man in Hoogeveen. About 50 animals were seized, including some endangered species. The police suspected the man of cannabis cultivation. No cannabis was found when they checked the man's home, but many stuffed animals were seen. The animals include snowy owls, an eagle owl and an African owl. The police suspect that the man did not come by these animals legally. The owning, buying or selling of (stuffed) endangered species is illegal.

When searching the man's home, the police also discovered about 70 frozen animals, including stone martens, badgers, polecats, stoats and hawks. These animals were confiscated. An investigation is being done on the origin of the animals. The owner of the animals was interrogated by the police.