Car bomb victim arrested on drug charge

On Tuesday the police arrested the driver of the car that exploded in Veghel on October 31st. The 44 year old man, Edwin K., was arrested on suspicion of possession of narcotics that were found in a House in Veghel.

After the car bomb exploded on October 31st, the police launched a large scale investigation. They did trace investigations on several locations. The police examined the exploded car, another car in the neighborhood and two houses. In one house in Veghel the police found a quantity of narcotics and slicing material. Unknown substances were found in buckets, jerry cans and bags. These substances are probably chemicals.

The 44 year old victim of the bombing was discharged from hospital on Tuesday and arrested by the police. He is suspected in the involvement with the narcotics the police found in the house.

The investigation is ongoing.