Rutte calls for end to one-size-fits-all government

According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Dutch system of provision has "a kind of ingrained fear of inequality". He said this on Wednesday in the Kerdijklezing in the Hague.

According to the Prime Minster, that fear is present in education, in the labor market and in health care. "Everyone gets the same, like it or not." Rutte wants to end this. "If 'one size fits all' turns into 'one size fits nobody', it is time to intervene and give more space to the practice. The diversity that simply exists. Because people and situations are different."

In his speech Rutte referred to the major reforms in health care, in which municipalities take over tasks from the State. Critics warn that municipalities will soon offer different solutions to similar problems, says Rutte. "Yes that can happen. But shouldn't the question be whether it works? Because remember: until now we had a system in which frequently the same solution was chosen for very different problems."

Rutte states that "customization" is needed in addressing problems. Make it possible that people can now work after the age of 65. Make it possible for vacant offices to be converted into apartments. And make sure that Wajongers again get chances, according to the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday the Kerdijklezing was done for the fourth time. Arnold Kerdijk was a prominent liberal politician at the end of the 19th century.