Isis changes its name

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When a client asked Isis Hair salon owner Jet Daniels if she knows what happens when you search online for her business, Daniels was less-than-surprised to hear the client's discovery. "It is not the first time I heard my clients wind up seeing videos of beheadings," she said Thursday, a day after she changed the salon's name to Jet Setters. "We have a lot of people who talk about it here in Amersfoort," she told the NL Times. "People thought I was ISIS," she said, referring to the Islamic State, a non-national army attempting to conquer territory in Iraq and Syria by any means.

It was not long before people started accidentally tagging her salon in posts on social media, when they actually meant to link to ISIS-related pages. Others make jokes about beheadings, especially considering the vulnerable position haircut clients are in when they sit in front of a scissors-wielding stylist. When asked why she changed the name of her salon now, she replied, "At first, I thought it was over when the name became IS, but it didn't." Journalists in the Netherlands commonly use IS as a reference to the Islamic State, also known as ISIL. Although no threats have been made on Daniels' address, she does not feel at ease. She has an Isis Hair sticker on her car. "People respond by standing by my car and talking about it. I do not want that. A hair salon is a place where you gain a positive experience."

People often stopped to point to the sticker on her window, she said. "They do not know my shop and see only Isis. I was scared. Maybe someone will throw a brick through my window," she told The salon has been in business for 8.5 years. "I named the salon after Isis, the Egyptian goddess." "People like the new name," Daniels mentioned. "Everybody talks about it because it's been in all the newspapers," she said with a laugh." With reporting from Janene Van Jaarsveldt