Sketch released in Amsterdam baby dumping case

Person of interest in the Amsterdam baby dumping case (Picture: Politie). (Person of interest in the Amsterdam baby dumping case (Picture: Politie))

Yesterday the police released a composite sketch of a man seen in a car on the street just before a in an underground garbage container in Amsterdam on October 26th.

Just after 04:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, October 26th, a from an underground garbage container on Fritz Conijnstraat in the Slotermeer district of Amsterdam. She called the police and at 04:15 a newborn baby girl was removed from the dumpster.

Thewas upset, but otherwise in a fair condition. She was taken to the hospital and has since been given shelter in a foster home.

Just before the child was found there was a light colored sedan parked in Fritz Conijnstraat, near the garbage container where the child was found. The driver of the car is a tinted man of about 30 years, between 175 and 180 centimeters tall, with short dark hair. The police are considering this man a person of interest.

After the Opsporing Verzocht broadcast last night, which focused on the case and displayed the sketch of the man, the police received 31 new tips.