Wilders claims more violent threats from abroad

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Geert Wilders has been under protection for 10 years. "Broadly speaking, the threat remained at the same level in recent years, but the difference is that it now comes more from abroad than from inland", the PVV leader says.

The risk of an attack on Wilders has been estimated as high since the murder of Theo van Gogh in November 2014. Wilders can't say how he is being protected, because that may increase the risk. He also made no comment on the nature of the threat.

Wilders' protection was tightened after the murder of Van Gogh because plans to murder Wilders were found on Muhammed Boyueri's (Van Gogh's murderer) computer. Since then Wilders has been living in a special secured home instead of his own house.

Wilders finds the threat especially "sad" for  the Netherlands. "Especially now that the jihadists are stopped at the border" He would prefer it if the jihad goers leave for Syria before they commit an attack in the Netherlands.

According to him it is impossible to keep all potential perpetrators of violence locked up, making it even more dangerous for everyone in the Netherlands.