Two women, 19, held as jihadists

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On Monday the military police arrested two 19 year old women at Rotterdam The Hague airport. According to the Public Prosecutor, they were planning to travel to Syria via Turkey and join the armed struggle.

The two women from Brabant appeared before the magistrate in Rotterdam yesterday afternoon. The magistrate released them, but confiscated their passports. They are still suspected of jihadism.

The passports of six men were also confiscated yesterday in the investigation into jihadism. Justice suspects that some of them have already been in Syria and Iraq. The police raided several locations. No one was arrested.

According to the Public Prosecutor, computers, tablets and mobile phones were also confiscated in nine homes in Arnhem, Rotterdam, Doesburg and Eindhoven. The purpose of the raids were to gather evidence against violent jihadists.

The police are also conducting an investigation into the possible involvement of suspects in the terrorist organization Al-Nusra, which is active in Syria and Iraq.


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