Six million to see taxes hiked up to 700 euro

5 to 6 million Dutch will receive an unpleasant surprise from the Tax authorities next year. According to State Secretary of Finance  Eric Wiebes, they will get a substantial additional tax. AD reports that this involves amounts of between 300 and 700 euro.

"This particularly involves people who have received or will receive an additional reward or bonus from their employer this year," says spokesperson Robin Middel of the Ministry of Finance. According to Finance, this is not because of a fault. The additional tax is due to the fact that the tax systems could not perform new regulations on time.

According to CDA Parliament Member Omtzight, the tax authorities have not processed the new regulations well in the payroll tax tables and software. Omtzight is unpleasantly surprised by the amount of the additional tax. "The Secretary of State could have seen this a long time coming."

An underlying cause of the substantial additional tax is that the general tax deduction and the employment deduction have been related to income from this year, at the request of the PvdA. The higher the income, the lower the tax reduction.

Secretary of State Wiebes promises to quickly inform the millions of affected Dutch "so that people can prepare themselves". They will soon receive a letter. "All the information can also be found on our site," says Middel. According to him, most people are closer to the 300 euro additional tax than the 700.