Poor football tackler appears before judge in criminal case

Leerdam Sport footballer E.U. is appearing in the court in Dordrecht for the criminal case against him.

The court has to decide whether his offense was just a red card worthy tackle, or a deliberate attack with the purpose to injure.

On September 21st, 2013, the 40 year old E.U., then the midfielder for the second team of Leerdam Sport '55, injured Eddie 't Lam, left back for Meerkerk 3. 't Lam broke his fibula and tibia.

Justice in Dordrecht charged U. with aggravated assault. They demand 180 hours of community service. If it is up to justice U. will also pay 2,500 euros in damages.

U's lawyer, André Bijl, argues for acquittal. "I notice that in this case there is still being reasoned from the consequences, which are very serious. But it says nothing about the offense. Besides, injuries are simply part of football. I myself once broke a cheekbone and eye socket playing football."