Rijksmuseum renovated wing reopens next month

The many years long renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is finally done. The Philips Wing adjacent to the main building has also been renovated and will be open to the public from November 1st.

Starting tomorrow, the thousands of "friends" of the Rijks may take a peek at the new exhibition wing, which has 13 rooms and a big restaurant.

During the 10 year renovation of the main building of the Rijksmuseum, visitors were able to view the top pieces in the Philips Wing. After the reopening on April 13 last year, the Philips wing was closed and also renovated.

The Philips Wing has an exhibition are of 1,300 square meters. During the renovations the atrium was restored, allowing daylight to enter. A permanent addition is a 17th century Chinese lacquer room from the governor's court of Oranjes in Leeuwarden.

The first major exhibition is Modern Times, Photography in the 20th century, with over 400 works from the museums photographic collection. You'll be able to see the developments made by photography with news photos, art photos and amateur snapshots of everyday life.