Storm floods Rotterdam, damage in Tilburg

The first autumn storm of the year caused a lot of inconvenience, mainly in the Rotterdam region.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, streets and quays in different regions were flooded.

Rijkwaterstaat had to close several dikes due to the high water. As a precaution for the expected increase in the water level by a combination of spring tide and storm, the Oosterscheldekering and the Hollandsche IJsselkering were closed.

The water did not reach dangerous levels in any region and the Oosterscheldekering could eventually be opened again.

The highest water level was measured this morning around 04:00 am in Rotterdam, 2.71 meters above NAP.  Water levels above 3 meters are considered critical, in that case the Maeslantkering also would have been closed.

The storm caused havoc in Tilburg. The wind blew large trees over, damaging at least four cars. Roof tiles blew through the streets. According to Omroep Brabant, residents reported that the roof of the Moluccan church on Karmelietenstraat was blown off.