Spotify rolls out family subscriptions in NL

Spotify is introducing a family bundle to encourage household members to get their own subscription to the music service.

The new subscription service is called Spotify Family.

The company hopes to convince users who already have access to Spotify Premium (paid subscription to the service) by logging in using a family member or friend's Premium account. Joint use of such a paid account is possible by sharing the account password, but two users cannot listen to music via Spotify at the same time. With Spotify Family, this is possible.

To convince concurrent users to each get their own Premium account, Spotify is offering a 50 percent discount per additional subscription.

The price for one subscription remains 9.99 euro, but each additional subscription will cost only 5 euro. There is a maximum of five subscriptions per family, including the main account.

The holder of the main account pays the total amount monthly. All members of his/her family will then have their own Premium account. Spotify Premium has no advertising and lets users download music for offline use.

Spotify Family will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks, but is already available in the Netherlands.