Baby born in front of Etos

A baby was born on the sidewalk at the shopping center Julianabaan in Voorburg yesterday afternoon.

A few hours earlier the young new mother visited her midwife, where it seemed that the baby was completely happy to remain in his mother's womb for a while longer. But when the woman went shopping with her parents, she was suddenly overcome by violent contractions. There was nothing for it but to have the baby right there, on the sidewalk, in front of drugstore Etos.

Ambulance staff, supported by police officers, had the task of guiding the labor. It was a special event for officers Borko and Remco.

"When we arrived, we just saw the first ambulance. It was a strange occasion, among the shoppers." They arrived just in time, the baby's head was already visible. "We had to act quickly. We helped the ambulance service and kept everyone at a distance." Less than ten minutes later little Thomas arrived, three weeks early, but in good health.

"This is a special experience for us. We see more people go than come," said officer Remco, "But this is unforgettable."

In the hectic situation the officers forgot to congratulate the new mother and admire the baby, so they visited the mother at the Hague Bronovo hospital, where father Tommie has also arrived. The officers brought little Thomas a onesie with the inscription "auxiliary agent" and a police dog stuffed animal.