Huge Dutch, Turkish task force busts int'l crime ring

Stock image of a handcuffed woman
Stock image of a handcuffed womanOR DOTWikimedia CommonsCC-BY

On Tuesday, October 14th, the police raided 20 addresses in Gelderland. This was done in connection with an investigation into money laundering. 275 police officers took part in the raids. Thus far four people have been arrested.

The raids were the culmination of an investigation called "Fiorino" which began in 2013. A team of detectives were put together to investigate a group of nine suspects allegedly involved in money laundering. Cannabis cultivation played an important role.

The raids focused on the search for information, data carriers and money. The police searched corporate offices and homes in Arnhem, Velp, Oosterbeek, Duiven, Zutphen and Haaksbergen, among others. Cannabis plantations and/or remnants were found at three addresses. Three homes, 11 cars,the contents of a safe and a large amount of money were seized.

A number of addresses in Turkey were also searched during the investigation.

The investigation continues.