Prosecution intensifies Wilders' "fewer Moroccans" investigation

The Public Prosecutor informed Member of Parliament Geert Wilders today that he is considered a suspect for inciting discrimination against Moroccans.

Earlier this year Wilders asked his supporters whether they "want more or less Moroccans". This lead to an uproar.

According to investigative sources, the prosecution of the PVV leader is all but certain. The Public Prosecutor says that political considerations played no roll in the decision to try Wilders as a suspect for discrimination. The decision was based strictly on legal considerations.

On the PVV website Geert Wilders (51) says that he finds the decision "shameful".  "It is shameful, while the world is on fire the OM aims his arrows to a congressman who points out problems. The OM can spend his time better by focusing on the Dutch Syria goers, which consists of more than three quarters Moroccans." he writes.

More than 6,400 people made complaints against Wilders in the two weeks after the municipal elections on March 19th. They find it discriminatory that Wilders incited his supporters to call for less Moroccans in a Hague cafe on the evening after the elections.

The Public Prosecutor took months to consider whether this was a criminal offense. All possible experts were called in. The outcome of this lengthy discussion was given to Wilders' lawyer, Geert-Jan Knoops, this morning telephonically. He was told that his client is a suspect of insulting people because of their race and incitement to discrimination and hate.

Wilders will soon be heard as a suspect. Formally, the Public prosecution may then decide that there will be no criminal case.

Six years ago complaints were also made against Wilders for insulting Muslims. Then the Public Prosecutor decided not to prosecute the Parliament Member because the insults were made "within the context of the public debate".