Jihadist threatening Netherlands is from Arnhem

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The Dutch jihad fighter who recently called for "firm action" against the Dutch government in a video from Aleppo, has been identified as the 28 year old Abdelkarim el Atrach from Arnhem.

His video is the reason that Dutch soldiers no longer use public transport wearing their uniforms.

In the video jihadist Muhajiri Shaam (as he calls himself) said "Get up and do something. Undertake something". Like the accounts of many other Dutch jihadist, Shaam's twitter account was removed a few days ago. He is continuing his propaganda using two new twitter accounts.

Abdelkarim el Atrach has been linked to al-Qaeda terrorist movement Jabhat al-Nustra. In the video he stands in front of the wreckage that used to be the base of al-Nustra fighters. Three Dutch jihadists died during he attacks, boys aged 21, 22 and 24 years old. They used the aliases Abu Firdaus, Abu Abdallah and Abu Zubair.