Star witness' mother in organized crime murder case on hitlist

The immediate family of star witness Fred Ros is in so much danger of revenge attacks by the underworld, that justice has taken security measures.

Shortly after the deal between justice and Fred Ros was made public, information circulated in the criminal underworld that a hit has been placed on Ros's elderly mother, De Telegraaf reports. She has been placed under protection.

The star witness himself is under heavy guard since he started talking to justice about his former crime buddies Dieno Soerel and Ali Akgun. Ros has been isolated and is being held in a special wing of the maximum security prison in Vught.

According to police informants, other family members also run the risk of becoming victims of reprisals. The witness protection team of justice has considered the possibility of placing entire families in special protection programs if needed. In practice this means that these families will have to move abroad and get different identities.

Fred Ros shocked the criminal underworld last month with his new role as star witness. Ros was sentenced to thirty years in prison, but could apparently not stomach the idea that his two alleged patrons Soerel and Akgun were acquitted.

According to Ros, the pair gave the orders for various underworld killings, including the murders of Thomas van der Bijl, Cees Houtman, Nedim Imac and Cor van Hout. Ros also accused Willem Holleerder of indirectly giving orders for murders.

In exchange for his betrayal Ros received a 15 years sentence shortening.