Amsterdam cabbie beats passenger unconscious; at large

A man who took a taxi from Rembrandtplein to Lelystad was beaten unconscious by the taxi driver and left on the street.

The man from Serbia was visiting his sister in Lelystad this summer. He and a friend went out in Amsterdam on Saturday, July 19th. The friends got separated and the Serbian man decided to return home to his sister. He got into a taxi on Rembrandtplein and asked the driver if 50 euro would ged him to Lelystad. The driver said that it will.

The price turned out to be 185 euro once they arrived in his sister's street. The man reminded the taxi driver that he said it wouldn't be more than 50 euro and then got out of the taxi to go get more money from home.

The taxi driver stopped him. The driver got out of the taxi, took off his glasses and watch and became very aggressive. The driver got a weapon out of his trunk and started hitting the Serbian man. The man called for help, but no one came. Eventually he lost consciousness.

When he came to, the driver was cone. Some cyclists helped the man back to his sister's house.

The police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the assault.