Water problems posb. after Hague fire

A fire in The Hague's Benoordenhout neighborhood broke out on Wednesday night, causing a lot of damage to several buildings. The fire department has been able to bring the blaze under control  early Thursday morning, but does warn that neighboring areas may have problems with their water quality and pressure, Omroep West reports. 

The fire broke out in an iron ware shop on the Van Hoytemastraat road, and quickly spread to the apartments above. It is unclear what exactly started the fire. As far as is known, nobody was injured.

Residents from the five homes above the shop as well as surrounding homes had to be evacuated. Today, experts will inspect the building to be able to say when the residents can return to their homes.

Homes on the Van Hoytemastraat as well as others close-by may suffer from brown water or loss of water pressure due to the fire. This has to do with the fact that the fire department had to suddenly use a lot of water to put out the large fire.

Water company Dunea emphasizes that there is no health risk, but does say that residents should probably not use the water to do the laundry as the brown coloring is caused by rust particles.