Strangulation sex leads to 8-yr prison term

A man from Roermond has been sentenced to an eight-year prison term after strangling his landlord to death during choke sex two years ago, the NOS reports. 

According to the police report, the landlord willingly engaged in the strangulation sex, allowing the suspect to tape his mouth shut and bind him. The suspect then choked the landlord with an electricity cable. The landlord could not get enough oxygen and asphyxiated.

After this, the suspect did not call an ambulance, but stole the landlord's phone and bank card. He emptied the landlord's bank account and spent the money within several days.

The police were only able to catch the suspect because he used the stolen bank card to draw cash.

According to the NOS, the judge in this case strongly accuses the suspect of misusing the landlord's trust. "Suspect has damaged the trust that the victim placed in him, and by which he gave himself entirely over to the suspect, to such a degree that it became fatal."

"This points to a serious lack of respect for the victim", the judge continues. "This lack of respect is continued when the suspect neglects to inform the authorities."

The court finds the suspect guilty of manslaughter, because he knew that strangulation sex could be dangerous, and continued despite knowing that the landlord could die.

Previously, the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) demanded 16 years in jail, claiming malicious intent. The court dismisses this, however. The court does take into account that the suspect is unstable, and therefore less responsible for his actions.

According to the NOS, the suspect has been in custody before, for swindling.