Thieves leave Facebook open on victim's computer, quickly arrested

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The police arrested two thieves on Tuesday night after one of them left his Facebook page open on the victim's computer.

A man and a woman visited a flat in Haarlem around 22:30 pm on Tuesday night, asking if the woman could use their bathroom. The resident recognized the pair from a conversation they had earlier this week while he was walking his dog and let them in.

While the woman used the bathroom, the resident and the male suspect chatted a bit. The suspect showed the resident his Facebook page on the resident's computer and told him that they should become friends.

Meanwhile the woman stole the resident's wallet. The two suspects left in a hurry on a bicycle - which they took from the porch of the flat.

The pair were in such a hurry that the male suspect forgot to close his Facebook page on the residents computer.

A short time later the two suspects, a 43 year old man and a 36 year old woman, was arrested. The stolen bike and wallet were found in their possession.