Scottish Highland bull shot with arrow

A Scottish Highland bull roaming the forests near the Rijen in Brabant was shot in the neck with an arrow on Sunday. Authorities believe that the arrow came from a longbow, but do not yet have a  suspect. A veterinarian has removed the arrow under anesthesia, the Algemeen Dagblad reports. 

A woman saw the injured Highland when she was walking around in the area of a restaurant in the forests of Dorst on Sunday morning. She immediately called the animal police, who notified the park ranger and a veterinarian.

The vet was able to place the bull under anesthesia to remove the arrow just under the animal's ear. The arrow head had broken off on impact, and was lodged several centimeters inside the bull's flesh. According to the police, she had to remove some skin to get at the arrowhead.

The police have secured the arrowhead and shaft as evidence, which will be investigated for fingerprints. The police believe that the arrow came from a longbow, which bends at the handle as well.

The witness statement leads police to believe that the animal had to be shot on Sunday morning, as hikers in the area on Saturday did not notice an arrow in any of the Scottish Highland cattle. They also took pictures, which do not reveal an arrow in any of the animals.


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