Netherlands terrorism threat "substantial"

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After a video appeared on Facebook in which a Dutch jihadist in Syria calls on his "brothers in The Netherlands and Belgium" to take action, Dutch intelligence services sounded the alarm. Dick Schoof of the National counter-terrorism unit NCTV says that the threat level "remains substantial", the NOS reports. 

According to Schoof, there is no reason to raise the threat level as there are no indications of an impending attack in The Netherlands. The national intelligence services, however, have sounded the alarm after a video appeared yesterday on Facebook in which a Dutch jihadist in Syria calls for "a strong and heavy action."

The NOS writes that Schoof is not surprised about the video, however. Robert Bas, justice reporter, argues that intelligence services are very alarmed about the video, and that action was taken immediately with the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) to collect information about the man in the video, and about his possible contact with other jihadists.

Bas says that the OM has started a criminal investigation into the man who posted the video, but his identity has not been published. Since the man is in Syria, if he returns to The Netherlands, he will most likely be arrested on arrival. His location could mean that he is tried in absentia, if he remains in Syria. He explicitly calls for an attack in The Netherlands, which is punishable.