Moroccan ambassador angered by police aggression

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The Moroccan ambassador to The Netherlands, Abdelouahab Bellouki, has said that he will file an official complaint against the police in The Hague for their aggressive actions against Dutch Moroccans in the Schilderswijk neighborhood, the NOS reports. 

"I am sick of it", Bellouki said. The ambassador fears that the manner in which the police treat Moroccans in the city can lead to provocations and serious problems. "I am not blind to what Moroccans do here. I am only asking that they be treated with respect", the ambassador tells the NOS.

The ambassador's main point of contention is the police action on the 6th of September in the Schilderswijk. The ambassador says that a 14-year-old boy was pushed to the ground on the Hoefkade without any apparent reason. His father was also pushed away and beaten when he tried to intervene, as were protesting bystanders.

The police say that the boy and his father were obstructing a separate police action at the time, and argue that the ambassador is not seeing the whole picture. Police chief Paul van Musscher says that the police were attacked by residents before the incident occurred, and that this was the reason for the way that the officers handled the situation. In a reaction, the police tell Den Haag FM that they have good contact with the residents of the Schilderswijk. "Our officers are always looking for connection in the neighborhood." The NOS says that the District Attorney will investigate whether the action was justified.

Images of the incident appeared on The ambassador saw these while on holiday in Morocco. Upon his return to The Hague, he visited the family of the boy. The ambassador is arguing that the police in The Hague are treating people differently on the basis of their origin, and warns that this could lead to severe consequences.