WhatsApp to get free voice calling: report

After WhatsApp CEO Jan Kuom hinted at the new feature in February, it seems that voice calling will indeed be launched with an upcoming update of the popular messaging service, after NDTV Gadgets reports spotting a mention of the feature in WhatsApp's iPhone app. 

NDTV Gadgets writes that the latest WhatsApp update released for iPhone on September 8 includes features such as improved location sharing, fast camera access and voice messages and videos with sound.

The website writes that the feature is only noticeable through a pop-up which asks for access to the microphone when the app is opened. This pop-up is only visible users who have not allowed WhatsApp access to the microphone in the settings.

This feature was announced by WhatsApp CEO Jan Kuom in February, but its release date was not mentioned. Kuom said the feature would become available for Android and iPhone first, followed by BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft.


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